The Voice Of The Holy Spirit

What is the way of communication for God to speak to us?

Sin cut off communication between God and man. Therefore, in the Old Testament, God communicated through people specifically chosen by Him to perform that function. Not everyone could have the privilege of hearing His voice.

Now, in the New Testament, through Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, we can have access to the Father if we repent of our sins and accept His precious salvation. When this decision is made, the Holy Spirit comes to inhabit our hearts. It is His Spirit who is in charge of communicating what the Father wants to tell us and guides us so that we can obey His voice. But, the Word of God is also another way by which God speaks to us . The Holy Spirit is responsible for making us understand what we read so that we can apply it to our lives.

What is the voice of the Holy Spirit like?

His voice does not have a specific tone or range. It can be smooth as well as firm. It can be tender or strong. His voice makes you feel safe, gives you peace and full of love even when it is to correct yourself. It is not a voice that points to or judges you, that criticizes or harms you, it is a voice that will give you faith to continue walking. How sweet is His voice!

Are there conditions to be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit?

Of course. Just as human beings have communication rules for it to be effective, there are also guidelines or conditions for us to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Although we can hear His voice at different times and places, in order to hear it better it is necessary to be calm (without worry or anxiety) and in a space where there is no distraction or interruption.

We must be close to Jesus in order to hear His voice. Just as John, his beloved disciple, was lying on his chest ( John 13:25 ).

How do I distinguish between the voice of the Spirit and the voice of the enemy?

The children know the voice of their father. The sheep know the voice of their shepherd. Sheep have the ability to ignore the strange voice and only attend to that of their shepherd.



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