Prayer Focused On God

Prayer Focused On God

A few weeks ago I learned that a person who knew the place where I lived for many years was in serious health. It was a long time since I knew anything about that family because it happens quite often that when you move to another province (city) in the same country, contact is lost. I found out that the brother of that family that I knew was serious. When I found out I told him that I would be praying for them (they were not practicing Christians but they believed in God in their own way), the sister answered me and thanked me. With my sister and grandmother we prayed a lot for the boy and his family but after a week we found out that he had passed away.

Personally it made me very bad, the news hurt my soul, although I had not seen them for a long time, I felt a lot of pain when I found out and I could not stop thinking about his mother, father and two sisters.

We continue to pray for them.
What I’m going with this story is that many times we pray badly, whether it’s for a family member, a friend or another situation. We want that person to recover so much and we focus on that and there is something beyond that… The Will of God.

When I learned that, I understood that my will is not going to be done, but God’s and in many occasions we do not understand why God acts like this and we want answers to our thousands of questions (why?) When we should be trusting God.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask God questions, but He has bigger plans for us.
It reminds me of a verse that God brings to mind quite often and is in Ephesians 6:18 (NTV)

Beyond that God calls us to be alert and to be praying at all times, He also calls us to pray for our neighbor, for the one who is suffering from need and without going any further with this COVID-19 situation, there are many people who need to we of our prayer, our help that as Christians we must do.

And remember this: Pray that it will do God’s will and have Faith, not in circumstance but in God, because that is what prayer is about focusing more on Him and not on me.

May God bless you and teach you more of his word and his person every day!



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