Prayer Around the World Lord, Teach us to Pray, Seeing the World Through Your Eyes

Prayer Around the World Lord, Teach us to Pray, Seeing the World Through Your Eyes

Evangelical Friends International Day of Prayer
Sunday, October 1, 2000

With missionaries in over 20 countries, Evangelical Friends are committed to sharing in the Great Commission. What can we at home do to support our missionaries? Anyone on the front lines for Christ will tell you that the most important thing we can do is to pray regularly for our missionaries and their families. But, how can we pray more effectively? We can pray regularly, pray confidently, and pray knowledgably when we see Christ’s example.

Intercessory Prayer
Praying Like Jesus

Jesus prayed for his disciples and those who would come to know Him. One prayer is recorded in John 17.

First, Jesus prayed for himself.

  • That Christ would be glorified, in God
  • Confirming a right relationship with God.

To pray effectively, we must be clean vessels ourselves.

Some suggestions to have a more effective prayer ministry:

  • Set aside time daily to pray.
  • Use the EFM Prayer Directory to pray for over 40 missionaries & their families listed on designated days of the month.
  • Keep a prayer list of specific concerns.
  • Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit

When He brings someone to mind, pray immediately – short, specific prayers made during the day may be just what they need.

Second, Jesus prayed for his disciples (missionaries).

  • That they would glorify God.
  • That they would know with certainty that they are sent by Christ.
  • That they would be protected from the evil one by the power of His name.
  • That they would have a full measure of joy.
  • That God would sanctify them by the truth.

Here are some more practical things to pray for our missionaries.For current information, refer to the EFM Prayer Letter.

  • For continued skill in learning the language & culture.
  • That their families will remain close & strong.
  • That their families will be an example of Christ’s love.
  • For their children – that they would be healthy, safe, and would come to love the people & culture where they live.
  • For their children’s education and their teachers, whether being home-schooled, at boarding schools, or studying in the U.S.
  • For safety, good health, & energy as they travel around the countries.
  • For wisdom, sensitivity and obedience in leadership roles.
  • For fruitfulness in their ministry.

Third, Jesus prayed for those who would believe (new Christians).

  • That they may believe.
  • That they may continue to know Christ.
  • That they may be brought to complete unity, so that the world would know Christ’s love.
  • That in countries where there has been war, they may be an example of Christ’s love.

Here are some suggestions for praying for the National Christians and churches:

  • That they will keep a clear witness to the uniqueness of Christ.
  • That new believers will grow and stand firm in opposition.
  • That they will sustain the centrality of God’s Word.
  • That they will have victorious optimism.
  • That young people will be drawn to the church.
  • For the national pastors and church leaders as they meet the challenges of church growth.
  • That God will call national men and women into pastoral ministry.
  • That leaders who face opposition will have a strong vision and call from God to sustain them.
  • That national churches will catch a vision for doing the mission of the church world-wide.

Pray, also for the political climate around the world. So many of our brothers and sisters face persecution, war, strife and extreme poverty. Pray that their government leaders will rule wisely and justly.