Language Of Fire

On the day of the feast of Pentecost, the followers of Jesus were gathered in one place. Suddenly, they heard a very loud noise coming from the sky. It looked like the roar of a storm, and it rumbled throughout the room. Then they saw that something similar to flames of fire was placed on each of them. This was how the Holy Spirit filled all of them with power, and immediately they began to speak in other languages. Each spoke according to what the Holy Spirit indicated. At that time, many Jews who loved God were visiting Jerusalem. They had come from all regions of the Roman Empire. Hearing the noise, many of them approached the room, and were surprised that they could understand what Jesus’ followers were saying. They were so admired that they said to each other, “But these who are talking, Are they not from the Galilee region? How is it that we hear them speak in our own language?
Acts 2: 1-8 TLAI

Pentecost marked the coming of the Holy Spirit, this was demonstrated when all the apostles were filled with the presence of God and began to speak in tongues, the fire of the Spirit descended with power.

Language of fire: I want to specifically focus on one of the gifts that the Holy Spirit brings and by my own experience it is one of the most important in the Kingdom.
Speaking in tongues makes us unstoppable and takes us to new levels.

When you speak in a strange language, you help only yourselves. God understands them, because they speak of secret truths that only the Holy Spirit knows. But apart from him, no one else knows what you say. Instead, when God commands them to speak for him, people do understand them. Also, in this way you help everyone in the church to trust more in Christ, to feel better and to be happy.
1 Corinthians 14: 2-4 TLAI

Has it happened to you that you want to pray for a person, but you don’t know what to do or say?
She simply speaks in tongues. When we speak in tongues, we speak the language of God; His perfect will.

Language of War:

Languages are also very important for spiritual warfare, when we speak in tongues demons torment themselves and flee, languages are a weapon of war that you can use at all times, languages make the enemy confused and run away It is very important to speak in tongues in order to go to the war field and be able to win.

And these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak new languages. Mark 16:17

Language of Love:

Are you looking for a new way to speak to God or express his gratitude to him? Speak in tongues, which is the language of heaven, adore through your tongues, express yourself through them, you may not be able to grasp it, but when you do you will see how heaven invades your heart and how the father listens to you .

Baptized in Fire and Faith

Being baptized in fire of the Holy Spirit brings with it a manifestation of Him and is speaking in Tongues, but you do not necessarily have to be baptized in fire to receive the gift of Tongues. Languages are acquired by faith. Do you want to speak in tongues? Ask for them by faith and you will receive them. For those who believe, nothing is impossible!

If you, today want to speak in tongues and experience God on another level, I invite you to be able to pray this prayer and the moment you do it, I challenge you to believe that you will receive a touch of the Holy Spirit and that you will speak in tongues, no worry if they are not fluent or you only get a few words, because this is how it starts. With a step of Faith:

Father in the name of Jesus, today I desire the gift of tongues, and in your name Jesus, I receive them by faith and I am ready to go to another level in you, I receive my gift and now allows to speak in you language of fire , in the name of Jesus. Amen.

If at the time of saying this prayer you felt something different or started speaking in other languages, you can share it with us.



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