Keys To See The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Keys To See The Work Of The Holy Spirit

Hello friends, a pleasure to greet you :), I have always wondered what is the work of God? Will it be building a temple, will it be preaching in the streets, will it be doing creative evangelism?

This question is answered by Jesus in the Gospel of St. John 6:29

It is simple, but very profound, believing in Jesus Christ is what God wants us to do, and the result of this can be very diverse, believing in Jesus Christ as Lord above all things will make us give our lives, serve Him and be his faithful follower. .

Believing in Jesus Christ in the first century, when people had seen and lived with him, and had seen him resurrected, seems to give them an advantage, because it is easier to believe something we have seen, but we, today in the 21st century, who do not see Jesus Christ in flesh and blood, we can believe and trust Him, not only believe that He exists, but that He is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and we achieve this thanks to the Work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

John 16:13 But when the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth; for he will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears, and will tell them things to come.

The Work of the Holy Spirit is to convince us, also to guide us to all the truth, when there is a teaching of the Word of God that is incorrect, we have to have the confidence that the Spirit will guide us to the truth, and not to confusion.

Keys to see the Work of the Holy Spirit.

1. Preaching the Gospel: Romans 1: 16-17 teaches us that the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of all people, so a preaching of the gospel is accompanied by the power of God, because it is a Through the Gospel that people can miraculously be saved. The main function of the Holy Spirit is to empower us to be witnesses of Jesus Christ (Acts 1: 8), to convince the world of sin, justice and judgment (John 16: 8), in the proclamation of the gospel all this is observed, common men speak eloquently the gospel, sinful people are convinced of sin, justice and judgment, that is the work of the Holy Spirit and the power of God, that we believe in Jesus Christ.

2. Maintain devotion to God: In the Early Church the teaching of the apostles, prayer, communion and the breaking of bread was not only their routine, but their form of devotion to God, and that is why the power of God was visible in their lives, we must take the example of these servants of God. Acts 2:42

3. Be sensitive to his voice and be obedient when he guides us: Paul is a clear example of someone who obeys the Spirit of the Lord. In one of his missionary trips, the Holy Spirit prohibited him from going to Asia Acts 16: 6. What teaches us that the Spirit has power and authority, to prohibit us from doing things, we just have to let ourselves be guided.



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