I was at my house, it was a little late; I was devastated by the loss of my dad, he was just a young man of 19 years, it had been several days since he had been buried, that night was a mixture of so many emotions and feelings, he had sadness but he also had hatred, he had pain but I also had it, I had sadness but also anger, almost always in my house we try to have music, for me music was more important than anything on TV, I even played TV but to look for music channels, but well; Back to the point, in the background, there was a song by one of my favorite artists, I felt sitting down and looking towards a fixed point of my house, looking at nothing, when suddenly I started to sing that song at the top of my lungs, almost screamed! When suddenly I started to feel something in the atmosphere, it was like something falling on me, it was warm and I could feel him hugging me while I burst into tears, I cried so much that I fell asleep in that chair, I don’t know how long I was there; maybe it was minutes but for me it was like an eternity, my brothers found me and woke me up to go to bed,but it didn’t go the same way I felt different, I felt at peace, calmer.

The next day I knew that what I had experienced was something unique and special, the Holy Spirit had descended to that place where I was drowning in that accumulation of emotions! Wow! In the midst of that storm, calm flooded me! That was, if not the first, one of the many experiences I would have with Him.

But there was always something inside me that never left me, there was always something fanning a little flame that was fighting to stay alive in me, a little flame that always sought to extinguish, but I couldn’t do it, they say that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and with me He was, as every good gentleman did not stay away from me, I always look for a way to stay close, surely it was not easy for him to deal with someone like me, but he remained faithful, he remained faithful!

Really, the Holy Spirit was what kept my Faith anchored for a long time in that season since I did not want to know anything about God after the loss of my father, I just wanted to get away from everything that had to do with the gospel that one day my dad loved so much and in which he taught us; the correct road.

At the end of it all I decided to give in and give myself a chance to know Him more and experience even more things in Him, and let me tell you that it was the best thing I could have done, because through the Holy Spirit I have been able to know Jesus and through Jesus I have been able to Knowing my Father’s heart, I could give you an endless list of all the things that I have gone through and have experienced through living a relationship with the Holy Spirit, but I better invite you to experience something unique and special with your own flesh, And you will not regret having done it, I assure you!

Here are some points you should know about Him.

The Holy Spirit unites us to Christ.
The Holy Spirit lives in us when we turn to Christ.
The Holy Spirit teaches us, reveals the truth to us.
The Holy Spirit sets us apart, sanctifies us.
The Holy Spirit guides us.
The Holy Spirit confirms our salvation.
The Holy Spirit helps us.
The Holy Spirit works in intercession.
The Holy Spirit transforms.
The Holy Spirit helps us to bear fruit, it bears fruit.
The Holy Spirit equips us to minister.
These are just some things, because there are many things that the Spirit of God can do in our lives, it is time to take our experience and what we know about Him to another level, in intimacy He reveals everything there is to know about him. Kingdom of Heaven, but above all what God the Father has in his heart to give us.

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